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Effects of nano-TiO 2 aerosols showing two distinct agglomeration states on rat lungs

Sample Type: Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

Analysis Method: Haemocytometer, cytospin, Bio-Plex Luminex assay


A Noel, K Maghni, C Dion, KJ Wilkinson, S. Hallé, R. Tardif, G. Truchon


Toxicology Letters, Volume 214, Issue 2, 17 October 2012, Pages 109–119

The study examined inflammation resulting from the inhalation of nono-Ti02 aerosols by rats. After exposure to inhalation the rats were anaesthetized with isoflurane and sacrificed by exsanguination. Fluids from the BAL (BALF) were collected with 0.9% saline. The lungs were washed with a total of 21ml of 0.9 % PBS in 5 steps. These samples were centrifuged to isolate the cells and the cells from the five washes combined. The cell pellet was re-suspended in 1ml of 0.9% PBS containing 1% BSA and 200ul of TransFix. TransFix stabilized cell fractions were examined using a range of techniques to determine the degree of inflammation resulting from inhalation of nano-Ti2 aerosols. The techniques used to examine the TransFix stabilized leucocytes included; total cell counts using a haemocytometer, differential cell counts for lymphocytes using the cytospin cell staining method and inflammation markers were quantified (IL-1 , IL-6, TNF-, MIP-1 and MCP-1) using the Bio-Plex Luminex assay.

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