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The Use of Blood Controls

Evaluation of a novel stable whole blood quality control material for lymphocyte subset analysis: Results from the UK NEQAS immune monitoring scheme


D. Barnett, V.Granger, P.Mayr, I.Storie, G.A.Wilson and J.T.Reilly


Cytometry (Clinical Cytometry) (1996) 26: 216-222

The suitability of a novel stable whole blood preparation for use as both daily and longitudinal quality control was demonstrated through the UK NEQAS Immune Monitoring scheme. The stabilisation procedure ensures retention of leucocyte light scatter and immunological staining characteristics for up to 300 days. The preparation is also fully compatible with flow cytometer technology, incorporating either whole blood lysis or “no wash, no lyse” techniques. The ranges of inter-laboratory CV’s of the stabilised control were better than those previously obtained with fresh whole blood.

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