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The Use of Blood Controls

Quality assessment of CD34+ stem cell enumeration: experience of the United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment scheme (UK NEQAS) using a unique stable whole blood preparation


D.Barnett, V.Granger, I.storie, J.Peel, R.Pollitt, T.Smart and J.T.Reilly


British Journal of Haematology (1998) 102: 553-565

CD34+ peripheral blood stem cell mobilisation and harvesting has replaced autologous bone marrow as a source of stem cells for transplantation. Timing and adequacy of harvests rely upon the accurate enumeration of circulating CD34+ cells. Previous EQA schemes reported inter-laboratory CVs as high as 284%. A novel stabilised whole blood preparation was distributed to 91 laboratories in 21 countries and participants were required to determine the percentage and absolute values for CD34+ peripheral blood stem cells. Using this method inter-laboratory CVs were reduced as low as 22% for both percentage and absolute counts.

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