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Human Blood Stabilisation - Immunophenotyping

KEY PAPER: TransFix: A clinical sample stabilising fluid for use in clinical haematology and immunology

Sample Type: Full haematological profile

Analysis Method: Flow Cytometry


D. Barnett, V.Granger, A.G. Pockley, J.M.saxton, I storie, L.Whitby & J.T.Reilly


Cytometry (1999) 38:88 (abstract)

Transportation of clinical samples between clinical sites raises concerns about sample integrity. TransFix was developed as a stabilising solution with minimal dilution effect and which retains sample integrity for up to 10 days. This facilitates the flow cytometer and haematological analysis on normal, Leukaemia and HIV patients. Phase 1 studies examined 40 patients specimens and found no loss of antigenicity over a 10 day period for the following antigens: CD2, CD3, CD4, CD5, CD7, CD10, CD11b, CD13, CD14, CD19, CD20, CD22, Cd23, CD33, Cd34, CD45, CD79b, HLA-Dr and surface bound immunoglobulin. A full haematological profile (including differential) was obtainable at day 7.

The Use of Blood Controls

Absolute CD4+ T-lymphocyte and CD34+ stem cell counts by single platform flow cytometry: the way forward


D. Barnett, V.Granger, L.Whitby, I.Storie and J.T.Reilly


British Journal of Haematology (1999) 106: 1059-1062

Stabilised blood controls for CD34 and CD4 were distributed to 280 laboratories worldwide, every 2 months for a year for absolute cell counts. Results were correlated by UK NEQAS. The study showed that the single-platform approach produced consistently lower inter laboratory CVs for both CD4+ and CD34+ enumeration. Furthermore such technology is likely to prove the method of choice for the quality control of leucodepleted blood products.

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