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Human Blood Stabilisation - Immunophenotyping

KEY PAPER: Evaluation of leukocyte stabilisation in TransFix treated blood samples by flow cytometry and transmission electron microscopy.

Sample Type: Lymphocytes

Analysis Method: TEM, Flow Cytometry


B. Canonico, L. Zamani, S.Burattini, V. Granger, F. Mannello, P.Gobbi, C. Felici, E. Falcieri, J.T.reilly, D.Barnett and S.Papa


Journal of Immunological Methods (2004) 295: 67-78

The study evaluated the effects of TransFix on leucocyte scatter characteristics, immunophenotyping, membrane permeability, absolute cell counting and morphology. The results showed that this short term stabilisation method is particularly suitable for the analysis of human lymphocytes. Good results were obtained with respect to antigen definition and absolute cell counting procedures

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