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Human Blood Stabilisation - Immunophenotyping

KEY PAPER: Performance of aged, TransFix treated blood in the Guava EasyCD4 and EasyCD8 Assays

Sample Type: CD4+ and CD8+ T cells

Analysis Method: Guava EasyCD4 and EasyCD8 assays.


A Mergai et al


12th conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infection (2005) : Poster

Monitoring CD4+ and CD8+ T cell counts has become essential in monitoring healthy individuals and patients infected with HIV / AIDS. The study reported the compatibility of 15 day old TransFix treated blood with the Guava EasyCD4 and EasyCD8 assays. The staining pattern for TransFixed samples over 15 days was almost identical to the staining pattern at day 0. At 30 days the staining pattern had started to show signs of deterioration but accurate counts could still be obtained.

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