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Flow Cytometry Links

  1. Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
    A wealth of technical information, tutorials and further links for flow cytometry. Includes the Cytometry Discussion Group.
  2. Salk Institute Flow Cytometry Laboratory
    Another great resource site. Full of protocols, software, tutorials and more web links to sites useful for anyone doing flow cytometry.
  3. Guava Technologies is a biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and markets unique integrated cellular analysis systems for the life science researcherís benchtop. The company is revolutionizing the way that cell culture monitoring and cell screening assays are performed, by providing compact micro-volume scale systems that make common assays in cell-based analysis accessible at the benchtop.
  4. UK NEQAS gives objective information and advice to clinical laboratories throughout laboratory medicine on the quality of their analytical and interpretative performance, in order to help them provide accurate and reliable test results and advice to clinicians, which facilitates optimal patient care.
  5. A Review of CD4 Technologies by Susan Crowe on behalf of Members of the CD4 working group, Forum for Collaborative HIV Research.
    » (pdf)
  6. Afford CD4 aims to promote the use of cost effective and accurate CD4 T-cell testing through simplification of current flow cytometric protocols used for CD4 counting.
  7. IAPAC envisions a world in which people living with HIV/AIDS may obtain the best healthcare available provided by physicians and allied health professionals armed with cutting-edge clinical expertise.
  8. WHO Evaluation of CD4 Technologies - CD4 technical advice.
  9. Caltag MedSystems Ltd distributes high quality biological reagents for diagnostic and research use.

Cytomark is a division of Caltag Medsystems Ltd.

Caltag Medsystems also supply many other flow cytometry related reagents, follow the links below for more information.

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