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Blood controls for flow cytometry

Stabilised Human Whole Blood

Quantitation of leucocytes in human whole blood by flow cytometry provides a vital tool in evaluating many human immunodeficiencies.

Stabilised Human Whole Blood Control and CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls developed by Cytomark are stabilised preparations of human whole blood for use in research applications. They are commonly used for flow cytometric analysis to ensure that sample processing, equipment and operators are all performing optimally, thereby providing quality assurance.

Stabilised Human Whole Blood Control and CD4 Low and Normal Blood should be processed in the same manner as fresh or TransFix stabilised blood samples.

Key benefits include:

  • Verification of monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry reagents
  • Validation of flow cytometer performance
  • Validation of operator technique
  • Verification of red blood cell lysis

Stabilised Human Whole Blood (RUO)

Stabilised Human Whole Blood control is supplied with a QC certificate detailing the expected count and range for T cells (CD3+), T helper cells (CD3+CD4+), T suppressor cells (CD3+CD8+), NK cells (CD56+)and B cells (CD19+).

Stabilised levels of lymphocyte subsets are within the following ranges:

  • T cells (CD3+/CD45+) 690 2540 cells/μl
  • T suppressor cells (CD3+CD8+/CD45+) 190 1140 cells/μl
  • T helper cells (CD3+CD4+/CD45+) 410 1590 cells/μl
  • NK cells (CD56+/CD45+) 90 590 cells/μl
  • B cells (CD19+/CD45+) 90 660 cells/μl
Product Code   Product Volume
CFWB Stabilised Human Whole Blood 1.5ml

Stabilised Human Whole Blood can be used in External Quality Assurance (EQA) programmes due to their exceptional stability. Human source material used to manufacture these products is tested for all known UK and European required communicable disease agents using UK NEQAS approved testing methods.

Blood Controls Made to Order

Blood Controls are available with a minimum order volume of 50 packs and will be manufactured on request. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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