Caltag Medsystems, the parent company to Cytomark, was created in 2001 by our CEO, Dr Tim Almond.

TransFix® was developed in the 1990s by medical scientists from UK NEQAS, an arm of the National Health Service (NHS). In 2005 Dr Tim Almond launched Cytomark and secured the NHS licensed TransFix®, making it readily available to clinical and scientific establishments world-wide.

To better enable expansion and attract new investment, Cytomark Limited was created as a separate business entity in 2019. Caltag Medsystems remains as the parent company and the two businesses continue to share resources and premises in Buckingham, UK.

There is increasing pressure to find more effective, efficient and high-throughput sample processing methods. This means that sample stabilisation is more important than ever. New markets are opening all the time as countries develop, and new applications are being found through internal development, academic research, and through partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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