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Save on sample preparation and equipment operation with Cytomark’s Flow Cytometry Essentials, so you can invest more in what really matters for your research.

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Sample Preparation


CytoLyse is intended for lysing red blood cells in human whole blood samples prior to flow cytometric analysis. The red blood cells are lysed under gentle hypotonic conditions while preserving the leucocytes for analysis.

CytoLyse is formulated for use with unstabilised and TransFix-treated samples following staining with immunofluorescent antibodies for flow cytometry.

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CYTO-3001 CytoLyse Erythrocyte Lysis Solution 100mL 100 mL
CytoLyse Bottle

Equipment Operation


CytoSheath is an isotonic phosphate buffered saline solution, essential for the transportation of cells within the fluidics system of a flow cytometer. Its azide-free making it compatible with cell sorting.

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CYTO-1001 CytoSheath Sheath Fluid 20 L 20 L
CytoSheath Boxed

CytoKleen is a cleaning agent intended for rinsing and removal of residual protein deposits or cellular debris in the sample path/fluidics of flow cytometers.

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CYTO-2001 CytoKleen Enzymatic Cleaning Agent 0.5 L 0.5 L
CytoKleen Bottle

CytoRinse is a sodium hypochlorite solution for routine cleaning and decontamination of the parts of flow cytometers. This is a ready to use product, with no dilution required.

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CYTO-2002 CytoRinse Sodium Hypochlorite Agent 5 L 5 L
CytoRinse Boxed



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