TransFix® A Cellular Antigen Stabilisation Reagent

Transfix® Bulk is intended for stabilising human whole blood specimens for immunophenotyping of white blood cells by flow cytometry. It is available as a CE/IVD and US GPR product, and can be purchased in 20ml or 1ml containers.

TransFix® can also be used for a variety of specimen types including: cerebrospinal fluid, lymph nodes, bone marrow, animal blood, circulating tumour cells, cell free RNA and exosome isolation. An abundance of literature can be found in our bibliography on all these sample types.

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Transfix Bulk Reagent

Benefits of TransFix®

  • Stabilises cell surface antigens and prevents cellular degradation for up to 14 days
  • Easy to use – just add TransFix® and mix by inversion
  • Ensures sample integrity during transportation between clinical sites
  • Eliminates the need for weekend and evening work
  • Reduces the impact of unexpected machine breakdown or staff shortages
  • Allows for repeat testing of samples without the need for patient recall and repeat sampling
  • Greater efficiency in testing – allows for batching of samples prior to testing
  • Reduction in costs associated with the above advantages

Product Codes

TFB-01-1 1ml TransFix
TFB-01-10 1ml TransFix (10 tubes)
TFB-01-50 1ml TransFix (50 tubes)
TFB-20-01 20ml TransFix

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