Sample Stabilisation

TransFix® has been validated with a number of specific sample types and optimised with specially designed sample collection tubes.

Benefits of TransFix® Sample Collection and Sample Storage Tubes

  • Easy to use – just add your sample and mix by inversion
  • Prefilled tubes to reduce preparation time before collection
  • Ensures sample integrity during transportation between clinical sites
  • Eliminates the need for weekend and evening work
  • Reduces the impact of unexpected machine breakdown or staff shortages
  • Allows for repeat testing of samples without the need for patient recall and repeat sampling
  • Greater efficiency in testing – allows for batching of samples prior to testing
  • Reduction in costs associated with the above advantages

Other Sample Types

TransFix® is a versatile reagent which has been used for multiple sample types, including lymph nodes, bone marrow and animal blood. An abundance of literature can be found in our library on this and others. Read below for examples of other uses of TransFix:

Innovative Applications of TransFix – March 2020

TransFix is designed for stabilisation of peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid to enumerate lymphocyte subpopulations by flow cytometry. However, researchers ...

TransFix Compatible Antibodies

TransFix is designed to stabilise TBNK surface markers for up to 14 days for flow cytometry analysis.  Researchers around the ...

Animal Blood Stabilisation

TransFix® Has Been Used to Prevent Cellular Degradation in Animal Blood for Analytical Testing Purposes Like with human whole blood ...

Lymph Node Stabilisation

Applications of TransFix: TransFix® Can Be Used to Stabilise Lymph Node Biopsies/Fine Needle Aspirate Specimens for Flow Cytometry Time is ...