Sample Storage

TransFix is a cellular antigen stabilisation solution that prevents cellular degradation in a variety of specimen types for flow cytometric analysis. TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (SST) are ideal for use where blood specimens have already been collected in EDTA direct collection tubes.

TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (SST) consist of 1.2ml tubes containing 0.2ml of TransFix. These tubes do not contain an anti-coagulant.

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Sample Storage (SST)

Benefits of TransFix SSTs

  • Easy to use – just add sample and mix by inversion
  • Flexibility when receiving samples already anti-coagulated
  • Ensures sample integrity during transportation between clinical sites
  • Eliminates the need for weekend and evening work
  • Reduces the impact of unexpected machine breakdown or staff shortages
  • Allows for repeat testing of samples without the need for patient recall and repeat sampling
  • Greater efficiency in testing – allows for batching of samples prior to testing
  • Reduction in costs associated with the above advantages

Product Codes

TF-01-2 TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (2 tubes)
TF-01-10 TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (10 tubes)
TF-01-50 TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (50 tubes)

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