New Research demonstrates the benefits of TransFix®/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

A new paper published in Cytometry part B, compares two blood stabilising products: the TransFix®/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube (TVT), and the Streck Cyto-Chex BCT.

Key Findings:

3ml TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes for stabilisation of whole blood for immunophenotyping
3ml TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Both devices are intended for collection and storage of whole blood specimens for immunophenotyping of leukocytes by flow cytometry for up to 14 days.

However, the authors found:

  • Less autofluorescence in the TVT than BCTs,
  • Closer MFIs to control samples with TVTs,
  • Clearer differentiation between sub-populations with TVTs, and
  • Lower cellular debris with TVTs

The full manuscript is available below:

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Harrison D, Ward R, Bastow S, Parr A, Macro S, and Wallace PK. Interlaboratory Comparison of the TransFix®/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube with the 5 mL Cyto‐Chex® BCT. Cytometry Part B 2018; 9999: 1–12.

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