Reduce Variability in Clinical Trials by Stabilizing Samples

TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes (TVTs) have been cleared for IVD use in the United States and Europe. Prefilled with TransFix and K3EDTA, these tubes allow for convenient collection, anticoagulation, and instant stabilization of peripheral blood for flow cytometric analysis.

Benefits for Clinical Research

TransFix provides a reduction in sample variation by reducing the enzymatic degradation of cells and cellular markers. This allows blood samples to be batched for up to 14 days and analyzed together, whilst maintaining the immune profile of a freshly taken sample.

Stabilizing with TransFix allows clinical trial samples to be shipped to a centralized testing facility from remote locations. This relieves the time pressures of analyzing fresh samples.

Case Study: The Use of TransFix in Clinical Research

Stabilizing peripheral blood with TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes provides accurate snapshots of the immune profile of subjects within a condensed testing period.

The paper below documents a phase I clinical trial in which lymphocyte subsets are monitored in response to drug admission. Here, TransFix has given the technician the flexibility to batch blood taken at frequent time points, and test in a convenient timeframe.

Poirier et al (2016) First-in-Human Study in Healthy Subjects with FR104, a PEGylated Monoclonal Antibody Fragment Antagonist of CD28. The Journal of Immunology 1601538; DOI:

Inter-Laboratory Comparison of TVTs Vs Competing products

Cytomark presented a poster at ICCS 2017 which compared TVTs to a leading competitor. The poster demonstrated that stabilizing with TransFix improved cell marker auto-fluorescence and reduced cell debris compared to the competitor. The poster can be downloaded here. Work has also been published:

D. Harrison, R. Ward, S. Bastow, A. Parr, S. Macro, P. K. Wallace (2018) Interlaboratory Comparison of the TransFix®/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube with the 5 mL Cyto-Chex® BCT. Cytometry part b 9999: 1–12.

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