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TransFix Compatible Antibodies

TransFix is designed to stabilise TBNK surface markers for up to 14 days for flow cytometry analysis.  Researchers around the world use TransFix to stabilise over 100 different cellular markers. Cytomark have compiled a list of cellular markers and their …

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Lymph node stabilisation

Lymph Node Stabilisation

Applications of TransFix: TransFix® Can Be Used to Stabilise Lymph Node Biopsies/Fine Needle Aspirate Specimens for Flow Cytometry Time is critical for the enumeration of cells from lymph node biopsies and other solid tissue via flow cytometry, because cells and …

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Animal Blood Stabilisation

TransFix® Has Been Used to Prevent Cellular Degradation in Animal Blood for Analytical Testing Purposes Like with human whole blood specimens, animal whole blood degrades over time rendering it unsuitable for examination. Researchers have found that the addition of TransFix …

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Bone Marrow

Bone Marrow Stabilisation

Applications of TransFix: Stabilisation of Bone Marrow for Flow Cytometry Bone marrow (BM) examination is an essential procedure for the evaluation of a variety of clinical haematologic disorders and for preclinical toxicity studies of anti-cancer compounds and immunosuppressive agents. This …

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